Portfolio Loan Programs

Customized Mortgage Solutions for Your Unique Needs

At Oak Leaf Community Mortgage, we recognize that every borrower’s situation is unique. That’s why we offer Portfolio Loans – specialized mortgage solutions that fall outside the conventional loan criteria. Whether you have non-traditional income sources, are self-employed, or face unique financial circumstances, our Portfolio Loan options are designed to provide the flexibility and understanding you need.

  • Borrowers WithOut SSN (ITIN)

    For borrowers without a social security number, ITIN mortgage loans provide homeownership for everyone.

  • Buy Now, Sell Later

    Transition from Contingent to Non-Contingent with “Buy Now, Sell Later.”

  • Destination Dream Loan

    Discover the Freedom of Owning a Vacation Home with Oak Leaf Community Mortgage

  • High Advance Rehab Loan

    High Advance Rehab Loans transform your property vision into reality.

  • Investor Rehab Loans

    Investor Rehab Loans fuel your property investments.

  • New Construction Loans

    New Construction Loans help you build your future.

  • Second Lien Loans

    Second Lien Loans offer expanded financial options.

Getting Started

Begin Your Journey with a Portfolio Loan

Evaluate Your Needs:

Consider what you need in a mortgage and why traditional options may not work for you.

Gather Documentation:

To begin your portfolio loan journey with Oak Leaf Community Mortgage, evaluate your mortgage needs and gather essential documents including tax returns, bank statements, proof of income, asset details, a credit report, a government-issued ID, and any other relevant financial information.

Application Process:

Reach out to our team to begin the application process.

Benefits of Our Portfolio Loan Programs


Loans are tailored to fit your specific financial situation.


We think outside the box to find ways to make your loan work.


Direct communication with our lending team to understand and meet your needs.

Quick Decision – Making

Decisions are made in-house, leading to quicker turnaround times.

Tailored Lending for Diverse Circumstances

Portfolio Loans are held and managed by Oak Leaf Community Mortgage, allowing us more flexibility in our lending criteria compared to traditional loans sold to secondary markets. This means we can offer:

Flexible Credit Requirements: Ideal for borrowers with unique credit histories.

Alternative Income Consideration: Perfect for self-employed individuals or those with non-traditional income.

Unique Property Types: Whether it’s a non-standard property or investment property, we have options that cater to diverse real estate needs.

Common Questions Answered

A Portfolio Loan differs from a conventional loan in its flexibility with lending criteria, catering specifically to borrowers with unique financial situations, such as non-traditional income sources or unconventional property types, which might not meet the stricter requirements of conventional loans.

Yes, you can potentially qualify for a Portfolio Loan with a lower credit score. Portfolio Loans often offer more flexibility in credit score considerations compared to conventional loans, as they are designed to accommodate a wider range of borrower situations and financial backgrounds.

Yes, Portfolio Loans are particularly well-suited for unique or non-standard properties that may not qualify for conventional loans. This includes properties like investment properties, multi-family units, mixed-use buildings, and sometimes properties requiring significant rehabilitation or construction. These loans offer the flexibility needed for financing such diverse property types.